Friday, August 19, 2011


Throughout high school and college, I have always had to defend my beliefs. Both as a conservative and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, people have always questioned why I did certain things this way, and believed that way. Basically my argument was that I am always right and you are a big fat stupid head for not thinking like me - I didn't have to many friends in high school...or now. All kidding aside, I have always stated my beliefs, especially those about politics - loud and clear. I love talking politics, and I love explaining to others why I am so right. (yes that is me being a bit snarky - however, that whole topic of being right is another blog post in the making so check out my blog at me some self promotion) So when the most amazing Rachel asked me to be a guest blogger, I thought that I should do something different. Something funny. Witty. Snarky even? But I am neither a, b, or c - and so I return to politics. And here it goes. 

Hope. Never has such simple word brought so much anger in my life when I see it plastered on the back of the bumper of a car as it passes me on the road. Not because I have anything against hope, but because a man transfixed the country with pretty words and catchy slogans. Obama tried to change the political nature of Washington by bringing the country together with hope in him. Hope that he would change things. Hope that he would somehow root out all the bad within the sacred marble walls of our Nations capital. But he is wrong. Dead wrong. We can not hope in a person. We need to have hope in a system of beliefs. The Constitution wasn't written because people had hope in George Washington or the founders. They had hope in the idea of freedom from tyranny. The source of hope came from the belief and desire of freedom. Not the people. I am sure that back then, as we do today, people have hope that our elected officials are honest and do what is right. But time and time again that hope is shattered when my twitter feed gets blown up with pictures of The Weiner, or stories mistresses and hookers and who knows what else fill the news. But our hope comes from the desire and the want to be free. And Mr. Obama manipulated that to his advantage. He took that hope and turned it into hope that one man was the answer - that our hope should be invested solely into one person. There is only one person that such hope can truly bestowed in, and that is our Savior Jesus Christ. (Yes, I did just get biblical on you). So Mr. President, please please take all that change that you promised back to the streets of Chicago. Because I'm sick of it. And so is the country. And we (well the rest of the country and not me - because I didn't vote for him) aren't going to fall for your hope this time around.


Jerilyn said...

A-to-the-MEN! Well said.

Suzie said...

That was perfectly said. Thanks for saying it exactly how it is!