Saturday, August 20, 2011


My goodness..
I'm an avid follower of Rachel's blog and I felt absolutely honored when she asked normal ol' me to guest post!

My name is Lizzie from The Dancing Toad Blog.

I am a mother, a lover of bright colors, and I have a to-do list that is five-times as long as my attention span.

Is anyone else so sad that it's already August?

 I know we are.
I really have no idea where the summer went.

I'm feeling a little bit like time is flying by I can't catch up.  
Like everything that needs to be done around me just keeps piling up and instead of really getting anything done, I'm buried underneath, getting smothered.

This feeling is effecting me as a person
And I've realized that every aspect of my life is worse off when I get to feeling this way.
So, I am going to eliminate and re-prioritize.
I think every once in a while we all need to step back, take a look at our lives, and find those things that we can and possibly should eliminate.

I want to be able to sit with my littles and read them a few extra books and not feel pressed with time.

I want to go on long walks and venture to the park with my boys without looking at my watch.

I want to spend time learning how to be a better cook.

I want to have time to myself at the end of the day to read a book

And still get to sleep at a decent time. (Do people really do that? As I type this post at 1:00 A.M.)

I want to finish some projects,

Spend more time with my Davey,
 Blow more bubbles,

And I want wash my hair more often.



Make time for the things that matter
And do the things that I'd really love to do.
That's my goal for the month of August.
Anybody want to join me?

I'll keep you updated on how it's going over here.

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