Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exile: Over

My sugar challenge is over!!! So naturally I had a dessert party. Naturally. The premise was simple - invite my besties, whip up some delicious treats, and laugh our guts out because we are all really funny. Like I said, simple.

I really need to start taking pictures of people.
I know some really great, really attractive people.

Multi-layered cupcakes
kind of Seussian, no?

Sopapilla good. So, so good. I will definitely be making this again!

Rice Krispy treats made with Frosted Flakes instead.

I got all the recipes/ideas from Pinterest.


Aaron Smyth said...

Looks like you made good use of the welcome-back-sugar party :)

kristin.rené.hodge said...

So, so deliciously fun.

Devon said...
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Devon said...

I agree with our dear Kristin. SO happy I got to witness this... you are just so in your element when you are baking.