Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grant Sawyer Campbell

Born Friday, July 29th at too early in the morning, weighing 7 lbs and some ounces, and is officially the cutest baby boy to be born in Cache Valley all year.
I finally got to meet him on Skype today - hooray for technology!

Doesn't Elisabeth look good? At least the 3/8 part of her face you can see looks really good, right? I can't believe that jerk just had a wee babe and has the audacity to look so good. I don't look that good now and I spent the day doing nothing strenuous at all.

Happy, happy birthday Grant, your Aunt Rachel loves you more than you can even comprehend.


*funny story - Elisabeth was in the pharmacy getting a prescription or something and some vile child came up to Grant and started touching him. She kindly asked him to not touch him because he's a new baby. The boy then asked how old Grant is and she told him, 3 days. Little dirty boy who touched my nephew inappropriately then said, "Then why are you still so fat?"


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