Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Peace Out

I'm leaving in the morning for about a month(!!!) of traveling. After lots of consideration and deliberation, the new itinerary is as follows:

China - 10 days
Istanbul - 4 days
Lisbon - 4 days
Barcelona - 2 days
Madrid - 1 day
Utah - 2 days

I am going to be blissfully exhausted! While in China there is no access to Facebook or Blogger so I asked some of my good friends to guest post for me. Let me tell you - I've read through them and they are far to complimentary. I promise I didn't ask for guest posters because I was fishing for compliments. Yikes. So with that, I'll say goodbye and hopefully I'll get to post some good stories when I get to Istanbul. The pictures will come when I'm back in the States.

Love you all! Let me know if you want something from any of these places!



Kristy said...

Have fun and be safe! Say hi to Meghan for me!

Suzie said...

Holy Crap! LUCKY! Have sooo much fun!!! :)

Devon said...

my life is over.

NateGeezy44 said...

The only thing I want from any of those places is for you to come back, and to hurry up about it! Think those countries can oblige?