Sunday, August 14, 2011

What I Know For Sure

my name is aubry and i love oprah.
i still have ten episodes saved on my dvr.
i nibble on them in few minute increments.... savoring their goodness.
can'.t say. good. bye.
they even say she's my doppleganger.
{i don't get it.}
but if i'm going to be oprah, i'll be oprah.
on the back page of every issue of o mag is a column she writes called "what i know for sure".
so this is what i know for sure:
no matter how independent a girl wants to be, there will always be man jobs.  like changing the five gallon water cooler jug or intiating dates.
girls who talk out loud about calories or complain about their weight are not attractive to men.
getting your daily dose of dairy in the form of an ice cream cone is alright.
eat your vegetables, take your vitamins, wash your face at night, and apply your anti-aging creams {or else my mom will come after you}.
never lack confidence in yourself. you're worthwhile.
knees and thighs are hardly ever pretty. cover them.
paint is cheap. color your walls.
do what you say and say what you do. all the time.
if you're not in a position to talk on the phone, let it go to voicemail.
have a bestie, be a bestie, value your bestie.
stripes are wardrobe classics.
when you're cranky, sad, or deflated, go to bed. things will be different in the morning.  less emotional, at least.
if given the opportunity, travel.  if not, create it.
my banana bread recipe is the best banana bread recipe there is. 
and since i'm watching bachelor pad right now: jake, vienna,and  the "i will guard and protect your heart" guy are socontrived.  The Wrestler, on the other hand....
how's that?  oh man, that was a brain crunch.


Aubrey said...

my worlds are all colliding right this minute. my roommate, suzie, was just talking about you yesterday and telling me i need to read your blog, and now today my other friend, aubry, is guest posting. i love it when this happens.

robin said...

good stuff, aubry. i concur. let it go to voicemail people!

ps, i wish i had pretty knees.