Monday, August 15, 2011

What's a Girl to Do?

Devon here from Leaving the Nest. I am lucky enough to be Rachel’s roommate and she asked me to do
a guest post while she is traipsing around the world. Though I immediately accepted, I almost as quickly
felt hugely intimidated. What on earth can I blog about that Rachel hasn’t already brilliantly shared with
all you lovelies? Not only does she dominate in the typical blogging realms like cooking and crafting,
but she is also extremely well-read, up on her current events, knows EVERY MOVIE EVER MADE, and communicates all of those thoughts in that pretty head of hers with such flair and wit that I really have no clue what to blog about. I feel like this is a metaphor for Rachel and my friendship in general- you know, her being brilliant and funny and just dragging me along, but so it is, my dear readers, and I feel privileged to join in for the ride.

So, because I can only write what I know, I’m going to write about Rachel. I can’t pretend to understand
the complexities of that girl, she’s deep yo, but I can give my perspective on this total gem of a friend,
and since she is always so busy blogging about things other than how fantastic she is, I’m taking the
liberty of doing so. Therefore I present to you…

The Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Missing Rachel While She is Traveling the Globe

10.) Social life= gone
9.) I’ll probably get dumber without her here…
8.) Car dancing, anyone?
6.) Homegirl is giving- she is always inviting people over and making treats for all of our friends and
everyone just loves her- and rightfully so.
5.) Rachel makes me into a much funnier person. Seriously, I’m a bit of a 93 year old at heart but we
laugh… A LOT… <insert robot voice>
4.) Who else will commiserate with me over the fact that we don’t have our own reality T.V. show? That
biz would be solid gold. It doesn’t come across in this post but we are hilarious, if I don’t say so myself.
3.) I may not even SHOP while she’s gone! She is fondly known as “The Enabler” on our many shopping excursions. How will I ever decide on the blue shirt or the black shirt without her? (I’ll just have to think, “What Would Rachel Do?” Get them both! Alas, problem solved!)
2.) Sometimes- and let’s get real, by sometimes I mean always- it’s nice to have someone who you can
look at in any circumstance and know that they are reading your mind and just laugh with (or eye roll
with) without having to say a word.
1.) Because she is just the greatest person I know; loyal to the death and thoughtful beyond thoughtful
and I count myself lucky to be her friend (kind of gushing I know… potentially creepy… deal with it).

And so, should anyone be looking for me while Rachel is gone, you can find me in my room reading or
knitting or eating my feelings (Gah! Another one! Who will quote Mean Girls with me??) because this
girl is just irreplaceable. We’re friends like that.

Rach, hope you’re having the most off-the-charts-INCREDIBLE-time in China and remember that there
are many (for I am certain I’m not the only one) of us who eagerly await your return so we can get back
to our fun lives! Code: WE LOVE YOU!

(p.s. some pictures for your viewing pleasure because Rach rarely posts pictures of herself. This is my
post though and I can do whatever I want—heyyoo!!)

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Ashley said...

Is it possible that your missing her made me miss her more? I think so, well I know so, because that's what just happened! Aren't we lucky to have her? And really dear, while shopping it is always a good rule of thumb to get them both, because that is so fetch! Hugs for you :)