Thursday, September 22, 2011

and then there were two.....

During my less than 48 hours in Utah/Idaho I was able to see these gorgeous ladies. They are SO busy but they willingly gave up their Saturday to spend the entire day with me. I am such a lucky girl in the friend department! I absolutely adore them and miss them more than I can say. 

We had

My mom hung out with us for a large portion of the day and she got a crash course in our amazingness. Needless to say - they won her over. Rosie is a fan!

Hey girls - remember that odd woman at Sub Zero? 
Homegirl needed less children and a stamp in her passport.

It was kind of fun to show them around Logan a bit, but really we could have sat in my parent's basement all day and been completely content

They can be a little bit dramatic.
Them, not me. Ever.

Our waiter at IHOP fell in love with me, talked ballet with Becca, and posed like a Greek god for Ashley. Yeah....he got a big tip. He put his phone number on my receipt! So awesome. I didn't do anything with it, but it was a sweet gesture. I should probably text him because I invited him to Christmas.

We just laughed and ate too much until the wee hours of the morning. Seriously, they rolled back into the Valley at 4am. 

Ashley and Becca - thank you SO much for being two of the best things in my life. You are true friends and are basically better than me at everything. Next time, you're coming to me! DC or bust!


rebecca said...

pretty much i love everything about you.

Devon said...

I LOVE THIS!! And all 3 of you!

Ashley said...

DC or Bust is right! I love love love you. Miss you like mad!