Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trip By Numbers

Flights: 15
Passport stamps: 9
Croissants/baguettes consumed: 6
Rented bikes that tried to kill me: 1
Dishes of Muslim noodles: 3
Amount of times breath literally taken away: 5
Hostels: 7
Times almost killed by taxi:1
In flight meals: 8
Pages journaled: 82
Total miles flown: 22, 576
Modes of transportation: 6
New babies snuggled: 1
Pictures taken: 2,218


Dani & Jake said...


Ashley said...

WOW! Also. Number of pictures your delighted to see you friends took on your camera without your knowledge: 4 (p.s. if there are random feet, they are mine and Beccas ;))