Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gonna Get Churchy

I'd like to pause from trip posts for a minute to post my horoscope. I know, the title says churchy and now I'm posting my horoscope....makes no sense. 

Yesterday I picked up a page of The Examiner from the floor of the metro so I could fill out the Sudoku while metroing home. When I was done with the game I noticed the horoscope section and I looked for my sign - gemini. This is what it said:

"You will need to talk to a higher-up in order to confirm his or her priorities, which you probably need to make your own"

I love this. I never read this magazine, I very rarely pick things up from the floor of the metro, horoscopes aren't my thing, and I have Sudoku on my iPod. So why this all happened - who knows. But I was able to see a wonderful reminder that prayer is real. I don;t always know what's best for me, but I know He does.

That is all. Love you.

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