Monday, September 12, 2011

l.i.s.b.o.n. (photo overload)

I am head over heels in love with Lisbon! Sorry Devon, you've been replaced. We got in, looked around  and Britta quickly remarked, "Rachel, I'm going to have to request that you have a love affair while we're here". Those beautiful Portuguese men were a lovely welcome to Lisbon. And so - the love affair began.....

the view from our hostel window
up on the hill is the you see it?

we spent a LOT of time gazing at bakery windows. no joke.

gah! the gorgeous architecture! i think this was a bank or something....

day one: the monastery de jeronimos

oh heyyyyy

monastery chapel. this picture does not do an ounce of justice.
i want to post about 158 more pictures on this post - boo

monastery courtyard

after the monastery we went to a seaside monument across the street

we couldn't figure out what this was for. i think it was for explorers, thinkers, builders...maybe....

close up!

this bakery is famous. apparently they are the best place for the custard pies that Lisbon is known for. since 1837 - sounds legit

was it legit?

OH YEAH. LEGIT. i will make these, grow fat, and be very, very happy about it

this is just someone's house. no big deal. (i adore!)

a lot of the buildings were covered in tile, we only saw a couple tile patterns repeated.
this city is just gorgeous. plain and simple.

graffiti and vegetarianism?!? be still my heart!

a view of the city from the castle

a typical neighborhood

we thought the disparity in the height of these doors was really funny. maybe not so much now....

we went on a day trip to a little city called Sintra
i shall live there someday

the old castle at Sintra

there's a map on his undies
(sorry momma)

next we went to this funky place - Palacio Nacional de Pena
it's only about 150 years old

this architecture was SO funky! i dug it

our last stop was Quinta de Regaleira....the coolest/funkiest property I've ever been to
i journaled that night that it was a mash-up of Alice in Wonderland, Citizen Cane, anything related to Howard Hughes, and the castle from Edward Scissorhands
oh my gosh, so cool!
the house was cool, but meh. the grounds were amazing! check the wikipedia link, please

oh, a random tower? why not?

this looks like a drained well but it's actually a subterranean tower. my absolute favorite.
looking up from the bottom

looking down from the top

my last morning (sob!) i was in the plaza across from the hostel and this guy pulled up in his little cart. those little pigeons recognize their best friend because they immediately swarmed him. he threw out their feed and went on his way. 

those pigeons couldn't be lazier. i almost stepped on more than a few.

bad picture but do you see the sign language interpreter in the lower right hand corner?!?! this was the news! again, Lisbon, I absolutely adore you

statues make good seats

ready for his first customer of the day

i want to go back right now! 


Devon said...

I would TOTALLY replace me too if I went to Lisbon. Understood. No hard feelings at all.

Jerilyn said...

Just for the record, you can never have too many photos! We all need to live though you in some small way! It looks like you had an AH MAZING time! (and you look so dern cute!) You got some great pics, I need to go to there!