Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hong Kong

Our luggage was lost between Dalian and Hong Kong. Sigh. Our flight had already been delayed by about 2 hours, then we had to wait for our luggage which was coming in on the next flight so we didn't get to our hostel until a little after midnight. Since we got there so late, they had given away our reservation but they found a spot for us (upgraded!) and it all turned out fine.

I love, love, love their money! It's colorful, the sizes are different, and the coins are just plain cool!

Since England had a 99 year lease on Hong Kong and the automobile was invented/manufactured during that time, they drive on the left. Mainland China drives on the right so maybe that's why they have these signs painted on every street corner.

She was excited for breakfast at Starbucks. My drink and croissant cost 55 HKD, which is basically the same price here. The exchange rate is 7.8:1 (Hong Kong to US).

Let the shopping begin!
Actually we didn't shop much there, we were in the high end district. They had everything you could think of: Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada, Christian Louboutin, etc. EVERYTHING.

Therefore, we walked around only.

Just me and the city skyline

I loved the contrast that Hong Kong is to mainland China. It reminded me quite a bit of New York City, but cleaner. The people were so great, but there were no Muslim noodles. Tragedy!

They do a big, coordinated music and light show with the buildings every night

We went to the giant Buddha at a monastery on top of a hill that requires a very long, twisty bus ride. Apparently the kid across the aisle from us threw up. Gladly, Meghan did not point that out to me. We both felt a bit queasy after getting off the bus - but the view when we did - wow!

The 12 Generals guard the way. Each General is in charge of a 2 hours block during the day and a sign from the zodiac

I just really liked these statues. They are all offering a different gift to Buddha. I just find them all so serene

At the monastery you could buy incense as part of worship (I guess?). I have seen incense before but I've never seen such HUGE sticks. There were rows and rows and rows of it

No thanks, I don't need a keyring because I have no lover. Thanks for rubbing it in, Giant Buddha

The flight from Hong Kong to my layover in Moscow I got a mini Toblerone with my meal! Is it pathetic that that was one of the best surprises of my life and that I had to talk myself down from going into the prep area and stealing 14 of them?

All in all, I loved Hong Kong. The people are diverse and friendly and not one single person tried to take our picture! Apparently I actually couldn't be famous. Huh, whoda thought?

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rachel garber said...

Hong Kong is one of my favorite places in the entire world. That wall that had the "the world is calling" - sigh, I loved that too :) China and HK are forever in my heart and I can't wait to take Ryan there. I was telling him today I saw your pictures and it made me ache to go back . . .