Friday, September 9, 2011

Never Forget

Soon we are going to see a lot of posts and articles about the 10th anniversary of September 11th. I'm glad to take a break from posts about my trip to document a very important day to me.

I remember everything about that morning. Exactly where I was, the rumors going around, the general feeling of anxiety and chaos. I was working a graveyard shift and a co-worker kept speculating that Saddam Hussein was responsible. I knew it couldn't be - this sort of attack, this guerilla warfare was not the work of Hussein. We didn't know much, but we knew this was no accident.

I have no delusions about life pre-9/11. It was not some idyllic Pleasanton type life. We did not grow up in Norman Rockwell-esque neighborhoods where everyone knew each other, children played outside until the sun when down, and people left their doors unlocked. This was not the good ole days of the 'Leave It To Beaver' 1950's. We were no stranger to conflicts, but we weren't paranoid and cautious at every turn.

That day changed a lot. We know how it has changed, and continues to change. It's sad but this is life now. 

Every year this day is hard for me. Something broke inside me on September 11, 2001. That something has been crudely mended but the scar remains and serves as a reminder to me to treasure friends and family, never take life for granted, and that I am so extremely proud to be an American.

I thought about sharing my own story, not just the general facts and shallow comments, but I'm not going to. That story is my story. Just know that I love this country, and I am so proud when I see the anonymous helping the anonymous. That's what it was that day and the many days after.

So here's to the 10th anniversary, 
may we never forget

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