Tuesday, November 29, 2011

motivation, please come back to me

Am I the only one struggling with motivation lately? Sheesh! My room is a mess,I haven't worked out in a looooooong while, and the thought of Christmas makes me physically shudder. Granted, I never really love this season until a few days before the actual event but I was told last night (ahem, Devon you're a gem) that I am EXTRA Scrooge McDuck this year.

What's so bad about wanting to lay around all day? Oh, I know the answer - you don't make any money and your thighs expand to the size of baby hippos. Not something I'm interested in presently. So who is going to share their tips on motivation with me? Other than paying for a 24 hour live in life coach, I will accept all wisdom you care to impart.


Dave and Lizzie said...

I am in the same boat. Let me know how you find your motivation. P.S.. at this very moment my boys are in bed and I'm eating a huge bowl of chips as I type, look at blogs, and pin... I need help.

Jesse&Amber said...

Starting the week of Thanksgiving until Valentine's Day, you are completely exempt from doing anything productive. I did that last year and I will do it again this year.

NateGeezy44 said...

Late at night I streak down a busy street...Its a rush that motivates me in a variety of different ways. Legally, not so smart though