Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beach Boys and John Stamos - Oh My!

I was asked to interpret for an event at the Kennedy Center this evening. It was a tribute to the troops, emceed by John Stamos and the current Miss America with performances by the Beach Boys and the National Symphony Orchestra.

Coolest night of my life. The end. 

For starters - I'm a HUGE Beach Boys fan because my parents raised me right. So I already knew the songs (bonus!) and who doesn't love the opportunity to completely dork out?

Mike Love, original member, waved at me twice and kept giving me big smiles! The little flirt.....These guys are darling! They sound just as good as the records we would dance to as kids and that I car dance to now. John Stamos - what can I say? Charming, good hair, talented, the future father of my children. He was good, to say the least.

At one point he walked off our side of the stage but I was temporarily oblivious. I had my back turned so my saint of a team, the lovely Andrea Smith, told me to turn around and I came face to face with my future. He smiled at both of us, said hi, and then TOUCHED MY ARM. May I repeat - John Stamos touched my arm! Oh, the giggles that escaped my mouth and would not quit. Honestly, I giggled like a fool for quite a while.

Close to the end of the evening I was onstage signing "Fun Fun Fun" when Mr Bruce Johnston (pictured above) came over, grabbed my hand and pulled me over to sing! (honestly, what? who? is this real life?) As he was pulling me over the little section we stood in front of gave a loud cheer. They were so fabulous and attentive the whole evening even though not a single one of them were deaf. I totally sang onstage with the beach Boys and John Stamos. Me. Huh?

I don't even understand what just happened, but I'm so glad. I needed a win and I would call this just that - I'm not coming off this high for a while!

UPDATE: What Andrea wrote on my facebook concerning "the touch hear 'round the world" -

"I'm just sayin'...this married old hag got a simple "hi". You got eye-molested and then actually molested. I am seriously thrilled for you. The night couldn't have gone better!"


Suzie said...

WOW!!! What a COOL night! Not much can top that...:)

kristin.rené.hodge said...

Ehm, I have second-hand excitement for you! OHMYGOODNESS this is the coolest thing I've heard in a long, long time!! You are darned good at what you do and deserve major life moments like these. Way to be awesome sauce, NMN.

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

tira said...

rachel! you could have gotten them to sing forever to you!!!

Jesse&Amber said...

This is unreal. I LOVE the beach boys and Stamos. Once again, your life is too awesome for words.

Aaron S said...

Good stuff! Way to go out and grab you some John Stamos!

Joby, Julie, Cru and Sage said...

That's better than when Justin timberlake walked in on me and another promotion guy dancing and singing badly to one of his songs