Monday, December 5, 2011

Cafe Rio Comes to Virginia

Oh yea, this is a big deal.

There has been one 45 minutes away from me for the past few months but it has been kind of a hassle to make the trek out there. Finally(!) one has opened about 12 minutes from my house.

I took myself on a date tonight and got the lonely lady special for one.
It was divine.

I foresee loaded punchcards in my future.....

(PS - the "free meal" cheer is very lackluster out here) 


Aaron S said...

I haven't been yet. So if you need a co-conspirator on your next Cafe Rio run, let me know.

Jesse&Amber said...

Oh man that looks delicious. Just yesterday I was thinking about how bad I need some rio..and it only takes about 6 minutes to get there.

I would totally have joined you if I had been in your neck of the woods. Maybe next time.