Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Founding Farmers

The amazing Becca came back to DC with me after Christmas. It was quite possibly the greatest week of my life! She came here for professional reasons but we spent all of our time outside of work eating, playing, laughing, and speaking in British accents. Twice we went to our favorite restaurant, Founding Farmers, check it out here. This restaurant just makes me do happy sighs all over the place.

mid chicken and waffles bite

fried green tomatoes! my first!

more happy sighs....

oh heyyyy

Come visit me and I will be sure to take you there!


Kati said...

Wow, I need to go there! I'm always looking for awesome restaurants in DC! Thanks!

in morse code said...

Dude. be there next summer and I'm comin. I need a vacation!