Monday, January 9, 2012

Catching Up

This is quite possibly the longest blogging break I have had in years! Glad to be back! You ready for a crazy onslaught of holiday pictures? Good. Here goes -

I got to spend some amazing quality time with Ashley and Owen (Becca too but no picture, boo). They picked me up from the airport and we promptly went and ate too much.

We met up with my family at the Children's Museum in Salt Lake for a bit. Look at my beautiful Haven-girl. Nothing beats being an aunt!

We walked around Temple Square and took in the lights. I'll be honest, I love the Square but I could do without the lights and the freezing.

Aunt Rachel brought rock candy, show me your tongue!

Naomi was SO cute! Everything she pulled out of her stocking she had to show everyone

Skyping with Aunt Maria who is on a mission in Italy

I heart technology - family pictures from across the world!

Naomi and Grant - I'm obsessed

Skyping with Taylor in Chile. What a cool kid. 

Such a fun age! Grant at 5 months

Elisabeth won the sentimental gift this year. They made my parents a sign with the location of each of us kids and how many miles we are from my parents.
What's up, DC!!!

This is how Porter smiles

The neighbors brought over farm fresh eggs for a Christmas treat. Gorgeous!

Naomi modeling the beanie I got her

We like each other

My nieces and nephews are my happiness.

Being home with family and friends was amazing. I'm grateful for every moment with them, I just wish they weren't so few and far between! I hope yours was equally lovely!

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