Tuesday, March 6, 2012

100 Years!

Today is Oreo's 100th birthday! Check out the website here. I love dunking my Oreo's but I often run into the problem of them disintegrating and falling into my milk. I know, what a tragic life. I have remedied this by inserting a fork in between the cookies and straight to the heart of the cream. This provides maximum coverage and superior sogginess - just how I like 'em!

Fun fact - Nabisco was originally called National Biscuit Company.....you see what they did there? Awesome.

Happy 100th!


Dani & Jake said...

Have you tried their special edition cake batter-ish oreos??? Holy goodness.

Aaron S said...

My optimal dunking time for Oreos, graham crackers, cookies, etc, is 5-8 seconds. Soggy enough for me, but not fall-apart soggy.