Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In Need Of....

I'm quite positive that I need a baby. Not a human baby, of course, so these are the acceptable animal breeds that I would like to join my family:

Panda (obvious, no?)
Mini pig (I would name it Hamlet)
Platypus (have you ever seen a baby? I have no words)
Sloth (the idea of being it's human jungle gym is thrilling to me)
Bulldog (I need. At some point in my life this will happen)

These aren't all the most suitable choices for a single gal with roommates in the greater Washington, DC area, but you better believe I'll get me a pig someday. And Hamlet and I will have wonderful adventures together. And I will have to stop talking to my dad because we all know he is going to make one too many bacon jokes.

1 comment:

Aaron S said...

I'd never seen a baby platypus before, but YouTube just fixed that. So cute! Can Hamlet be a pot-bellied pig? Those get extra points, in my humble opinion.