Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Wouldn't it be interesting to gather all your best friends in a room and see how they interact with each other? Oh, first I should mention that I'm a believer in multiple best friends - sure, "best" suggests something singular, however I don't think that limiting people who want to be your good friend is ever a bad thing. 

I digress. Think about it! Think of all the people in your life who you love and cherish and JUST TOTALLY GET YOU, and then put them in a room together. This room should most likely have good temperature control and delicious snacks, at least that's what my friends would want.

I think most of my friends would hit it off nicely. Many of them already know each other but they would probably adore the ones they don't. Hopefully. It would very extremely loud and we would laugh our guts out and hopefully everyone would leave with a couple phone numbers or promises to add each other on Facebook. You know how you have best friends from long ago that you don't keep in super good contact with but it's because someone moved or you're at different stages in life? I still think of y'all as my best friends (*ahem* Julie and Kristy). I've always known that I have the privilege of having the best people in my life at pretty much all times and I dream of a time when I can get us all together!

I hope to see you there!


rebecca said...

just marry the plastic surgeon... then we can all be bridesmaids

rosie said...

Can I come too please?