Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Favorite Songs

This is from the Karate Kid 2 soundtrack and when I was a little girl there was nothing quite as romantic as this song. And that was before I ever saw his fabulous feathered hairdo! The fool for romance that still resides inside me keeps this song near the top of my favorite songs list.

A close second for pre-teen Rachel was Careless Whisper. I'm pretty sure that George Michael is the first ever gay man I fell for - it started a pattern, for sure. This was my #2 song for a LONG time! What an odd song to be obsessed with but for some reason I believe in embarrassing myself as much as possible on this blog.

My buddy, Mike, dressed up like sexy sax man for Halloween last year. There is truly nothing more endearing to me! So creepy, right?

But now - my all time favorite song! I listen to it several times a week and I just sway and smile all the way through it. When Jerilyn and I went on our cruise a few years ago we ended up on a shuttle taking us back to the boat and somehow we and the other passengers broke out singing this song. I love it! Listen to the lyrics, there are few that are as sweet as these -

The awkwardly dancing white kids in the background are such a fantastic bonus!


Awkward Wednesday said...

Definitely a great post for this awkward wednesday

rebecca said...

nice WHITE kids who like to lead the way
but once a month we have our NEGRO day!