Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cancun Overload

Living in a bathing suit with your only concern being pool or beach, and when to eat second lunch, is not the worst way to spend 10 days.

So check it out.......

Becca came from Utah to play with us! 
It was magnificent to be able to spend so much time with her!
(especially because she became to group guacamole connoisseur)

We went to Tulum to look at the ruins and in the market area we came across this performance

Yep. That happened.

Nate was a wonderful tour guide. He lived in the area for several years and has visited these ruins many times. Megan was the official interpreter for absolutely zero deaf people.

LOVE this lady

Note to self - wear more clothes when taking pictures with this beauty

so happy together

Everyone! It was hot as sin, check out the sweat on Nate's shirt front. Homie, the other guys got the white shirt memo......

I have no idea what was happening here. It's kinda gross but I also kinda love it

Melissa and Megan - my favorite M&Ms

Not from a travel brochure, this was our life for 10 days!

Chilling under these mini cabanas was the best!

Megan was a little obsessed with that coconut meat

These little animals ran all over the resort. I have never seen anything like them! The first few days we only saw the adult sized ones and then the babies came out!!! They have a name that none of us (except Nate) can pronounce so we called them chimichangas. In our defense, the native word sounds a teensy bit like chimichanga.

I wanted to bring 7 home with me. No joke.
They like ice cream.

Chimi babes! Josh and I saw one riding on his mama's back one day.....can we say animal lover dream come true?!

Everyday we would come back to the room and find towel animals waiting on the bed. Our final day we got this little lady. Creeped me out.

At the airport, breakfast of champions. Hamburgers and Starbucks!

All in all, I will have very fond memories of this trip. There was an incident pretty early on that really threw a wrench in my time with my friends and if I could go back, I would react quite differently. Oh well, cest la vie! I adore these people and my love for each of them deepened considerably.

Time to start planning for next year!


rebecca said...

love you. love this trip.

(hate the picture of me drinking coconuts with megan?! wtf i will never eat again. after this snickers.)

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

girl, you are rocking that bikini! looks like a super fun trip.

Kat said...

I love these pictures! So great. You look AMAZING. I loved Cancun when I went a few years ago. Glad you had a great time!

Aaron S said...

Can I come next time? I promise to be the official shopping negotiator. Also, I second Hannah's comment. You are owning the bikini look.