Monday, May 28, 2012

Trip By Numbers

Flights: 4
Couples massages on the beach: 0
Times I was offered drugs: 1
Friends sick from eating mystery meat: 5
Skinny dipping: 1 (mom, I just had to)
Ice cream cones: the limit does not exist
5 Hour Energy consumed: 6
Nights of dancing: 6
Books read poolside/on the beach: 2
Naps taken: 11
Precious, darling children I wanted to bring home with me: 17653072
Megan's new novios (boyfriends): 4ish
Victims of heat rash: 3
Tongue tacos: 4
Viewings of The Avengers: 1
New nicknames: 1.5
Lessons learned: 2, but I expect that to increase
Pounds lost: 0
Pounds gained: 0 (I mist be a wizard or something!)
Trips to Wal*Mart: 3
Trips where I saw a tray of chicken feet and gizzards at checkout: 1

Pictures coming soon!

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