Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's Clear Things Up.....

Today I learned that ambiguity is one of the hardest things for us to deal with. We enjoy the stability in relationships, work, home life and try to avoid anything unknown in these areas. Ambiguity causes us to over think and in some cases make assumptions about the other party. That's dangerous, y'all.

And that's why dating stinks. The first couple dates in a potential new relationship are drowning in ambiguity. The possibility of a misstep is enormous so every text is fretted over, every outfit is chosen with the upmost care, every physical contact, no matter how slight, is analyzed to the nth degree.

If you can't tell, I really don't like the beginning stage. It can be fun (from what I've heard) but more often than not it's just plain awkward and the anxiety makes me break out. Which makes me self conscious. Which makes me act differently. Which makes him not ask me out again.

Now I've come to my point - I'm ready for my arranged marriage. Any time now.