Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And Then There Were Two

Who got a giant bear for her birthday? This girl right here!
My amazing friend, Melissa, bought me this guy and surprised me at my party on Sunday. He's huge and cuddly and perfect and mine and soft and my best friend and happiness!

Another friend just bought a similar bear and is stoked for the bear dates we're going to have. Um, YES, that is definitely on the horizon. 

She got my this guy because he was the only tall, dark and handsome one. She knows me well! Now what shall I name him? I'm open to suggestions!

(Notice the title? I'm basically in a relationship with him. Seriously. He takes up most of my bed. It's perfect)


Dani & Jake said...

Ooo I bet he is the best to cuddle with. You lucky girl!

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

awesome!!! how about Teddy? haha jk jk. I vote Randall or Julian.

Melissa said...

Remember how I randomly remembered you have a blog...and after stalking it for a minutes realized that I'm IN IT! So exciting!

And yes, you named your bear after my baby nephew. Curtis. It's only fitting since I gifted him to you and all of his cuddliness.