Friday, June 15, 2012

Happiness on Pinterest

Y'all know that I like to do this from time to time. Show other peoples crafts, powerful words, funny stuff, etc. When one is as unoriginal as me, I really appreciate things like Pinterest for allowing me to enjoy the fruits of others' labors.

Here goes!

A cookies and milk bar! I would pull up a chair next to the chocolate milk dispenser and never leave

I know this but sometimes I need it shoved in my face

What a great idea!!! 

Budapest, Hungary - why am I not there right now? I really despise being an adult and having to work.

Strawberry freezer jam! I need to get some girls together and make a bunch of this. Now is the perfect time, strawberries are crazy cheap!

I love this so much because I need this so much

This sweet spirit makes me unnaturally happy

My life since joining Pinterest

Looking at this makes me so happy


Oh, the beautiful pain that comes with extending love to another

Have a wonderful weekend.

1 comment:

rosie said...

Sis - I have strawberry freezer jam just waiting for you in my freezer :) OXOXOXOXO momma