Sunday, July 8, 2012

Independence Day

8am at Mount Vernon, how American can you get?!?

This place was a delight to George Washington and I understand why. It is so beautiful and serene. 

Looking out the back porch on the Potomac River. Megan and I are already planning to go back and sit in the rocking chairs they have set out for HOURS. Literally, I can see us rocking away for several hours - this view is breathtaking. 

I like my people

Girl picture!
Mel, Megan, me, Becca

In their natural state

Saddles. Why not?

A worker at Mt Vernon had to shoo her away because Mel wanted to stay with them forever

My crush on George Washington just got SO MUCH bigger

Oh, how about riding bikes around DC in 100+ degree weather looking for fireworks? Sounds good! 

And finish the day on the National Mall? Done and done.

I love my life!


Aubrey said...

I love your life too. The 4th in Utah just isn't as cool or patriotic.

Aaron S said...

I love Mt Vernon! Can I go with you ladies to sit in the rocking chairs? And I imagine the soldiers would have been happy to leave Mel standing next to them. #soldiereyecandy

Megan Marie said...

That girl picture gave me an LB. We are so so gorgeous!

Kat said...

Such great pictures! What a cool place to be on Independence Day!