Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Last Olympic Post

I have a gripe. These Olympics were the first in recent years to not feature baseball and softball and they were missed! The IOC voted in 2005 for the summer host city for 2012 and what games would be up for competition (read the wikipedia entry here). 

I understand that it's necessary to evaluate the various sports every few years but I am completely flabbergasted at the omission of baseball and softball! While at the gym today (yeah, I do that from time to time) ESPN was airing an old Little League World Series.......So riddle me this - there is an international stage for these events yet they are kicked out of the biggest arena? Why do I never seem to catch the World Equestrian Finals on rerun? Oh right, NO ONE CARES. Softball was introduced to maintain the gender balance, so if one of them was voted out, the other also got the pink slip. I think we would do just fine if we had less rhythmic's creepy.

Don't even get me started on the Trampoline.

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