Sunday, December 9, 2012

All Seven Johnsons

October 5th was the day that we were all in the States for the first time in 28 months. Welcome home, Maria! The amazing and super talented Lizzie came and documented this for us one final time. I'm so grateful to her for helping us preserve these important moments for us!

Maria's plane landed pretty late so the two nephews stayed at home with my brother-in-law, but other than that we were all there to gather the last one home. The plane was delayed by about 30 minutes and then she tortured us further by being almost the last person off! That sneaky punk.

They have grown and changed so much since she left but those little girls remembered their Aunt Maria very clearly

The fam! (minus John, Porter, and Grant. Plus Sorella Olsen, one of Maria's companions)

Johnson siblings. I still suspect I may have been adopted.

Oh, I missed this lady.

What a blessing to have them all go and do what they felt called to do, but now what a blessing to have everyone home. Being able to pick up the phone and call any of your best friends whenever you need is an unexplainable treat.

So grateful this holiday season to have my sweet family!

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Great Scott's! said...

I "love" the Johnson's!! Please come and play with me when you are down for Christmas. That is what I am asking santa for this year.