Sunday, December 9, 2012

Still Kickin'

So.....I haven't blogged in a while, have I? Not a single post for all of November and we're 9 days in to December and this is my first. Odd. Definitely odd for me. No good excuse, it just didn't happen.

I'm back and happy to post again for all 11 of you who read my blog. Thank you all.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming!


Anonymous said...

Yay for you being back! I totally get the time-passing, no blogging thing. But now you're back, get blogging, woman! ;) xxx

Aubrey said...

i always feel like no one must read my blog because basically no one ever comments. just know that even though i don't often comment, i do read:)

kristin groth said...

Woohoo! As #4 of 11, I'm certainly glad to see you back with a keyboard in your hands :)

wjmom said...

I'm so glad you're back. Welcome home.

Also, is it OK if I sniffle just a little bit at your sister's homecoming. Oh, how I look forward to having our daughter and son home. Our daughter is over half-way, and our son is just starting, so it's a long wait. But seeing your family's smiling faces made me so very, very excited for them to return home to our love (which never stops, but, well, you know...)