Thursday, December 13, 2012

songs about home

I'm stuck on a musical theme right now. Lately the songs that are sticking in my head and leaving the greatest impression are all about home. What does that mean? Maybe I'm missing my family, or am totally sick of traditional love songs, or they're just all really good songs - plain and simple. Who knows? I'm loving them now so here's a little bounty for you to share in -

"the troubles they might drag you down,
if you get lost you can always be found.
just know you're not alone
i'm gonna make this place your home"

"let me come home,
home is wherever i'm with you"

"just know, you're never can always come back home."
(thanks for introducing it to me, UK Rachel!)

(who else can't wait for les miserables?!?)

have a lovely weekend. be happy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great picks! (& so glad you liked 93 million miles)

Also:Les Mis! Sooo excited :)