Sunday, December 16, 2012

"That's Not Fair"

Whenever we would utter the phrase "that's not fair" to my dad, he would swiftly follow up with, "life's not fair". He was right, even as a small child I understood that he was right. Now as an adult I see every day how life is not fair but that doesn't mean that I have ever come to terms with it.

Life is absolutely unfair when you send your child to school thinking they will be taken care of and returned to you at the end of the day. Life is unfair that some people will struggle with mental illness every day of their life. It's also unfair when blame is placed on individuals or groups when it's not their fault and that finger pointing is coming from a place of intense pain and anger.

The killings in Connecticut have brought both sides of the gun debate to the fore front screaming how if they had their way things would be different. Those angels babies would be alive. Those families would have a merry Christmas. Isn't that life? Who is right in this? I'm not voicing my opinion nor asking for yours about gun control, but this is the greatest example of how polar our society is right now. Both sides think they are right and living as they do will bring about a more moral society. 

I am wrecked by the horrid event that happened Friday morning. I refuse to point fingers at any one or any group because at the end of the day we all have our agency and exercise it how we like. We need more tolerance, love, and support for those around us who live differently than us. 

This article provides amazing and heartbreaking insight into the event and possible others in the future. Let's all pray that there are no more in the future.


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Aubrey said...

I taught Sunday school today about faith and obviously this whole thing is heavy on everyone's minds. I found an article by pres eyring called adversity. I used it not only in my lesson but to help me feel some sort of calm. Maybe I'll have to post about it.