Sunday, January 6, 2013

Everyone Knows A Cosette

I saw Les Mis for the second time last night with a couple of girlfriends and, boy oh boy, did I have some thoughts and feelings. As adult Eponine came on screen Julie leaned over and said, "I am Eponine". 

I'm quite sure this phrase has been uttered thousands of times on hundreds of movie theaters in the span of a few short weeks since the Christmas Day release.What young (re: single) lady hasn't felt like Eponine at some point? You've met your idea of your dream guy and while your heart swells to dangerous levels he treats you like a pal. Oh the tragedy of unrequited love. You wait around day after day hoping he'll see you for who you are and will eventually recognize the brilliance of your pairing. Yikes. 

Then he meets Cosette. He sees nothing else after that. And you hurt. You hurt bad.

We all know the Cosettes. We might think things come easily to them. We might hate on them a bit. But I'm guessing they've played the role of Eponine once or twice before. We might want to think nicer thoughts about each other. Maybe.

The amazing silver lining in all this is that I believe with all my heart that we will all have a turn as Eponine and someday we will get to put on Cosette's fancy dress and see life on her side of the barricade. Unfortunately that also means that some girl out there will be sad and hurting, maybe singing in the streets about how she loves your man. 

I'm no Cosette - yet. Don't worry, when it's my turn I won't sing about it. No one wants any of that business.

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Aaron S said...

Is it also possible you've been a few fellows' Cosette, but they died (only figuratively, I hope) at their personal barricades? Just a thought.