Tuesday, January 1, 2013



Too many times I have felt as though I need to apologize for being a woman. Well you know what? I have feelings, I am affected easily, I love memorable moments, I take too many photos, and I am not sorry!

I have never felt this pressure from men, it has always come from other women - women who don't see the strength in emotion. The beauty and majesty that comes from the ability and blessing to be so affected by the simple things. There are some women who seem more robotic than soft inside, and that's fine, the world needs all flavors. However, discounting others' emotions as weakness is a flaw in their logic - not mine.

I don't always love all that comes with living inside my head but I will never regret my abilities to connect with people and to have a real, genuine human experience every day of my life. 

So I will be taking the challenge Zooey lays out in the last two lines:

"take it and have gratitude.
give it and feel love."

Gladly, Ms. Deschanel. And thank you.