Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Georgetown Tour

My friend, Julie, went to Georgetown University for nursing school and gave us a tour a few days before we all scattered to the wind for Christmas festivities. It is such a joy to live in this area to bask in some of the oldest architecture in the nation.

First stop was a sandwich shop that was worth the wait! Meaning, we got our food and didn't get to eat it for another 45 minutes. Yikes. But holy moly - it was gooooooood! And they had a darling window display. Win/win.

After eating sandwiches (and convincing ourselves to go back outside -brrr!) she showed us around some of her favorite spots. 

Oh hey Julie! She looks like a legitimate tour guide here because she's gesturing with a poster she bought. Next time I'm getting her a fanny pack and bullhorn.

Saw this on an office - I like.

Who wants to come visit? I'll take you all over!

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Aaron S said...

I'm gonna be in DC in a couple weeks. Maybe I'll get to see you while I'm in town...!