Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Torn

I was thinking about fictional groups of friends (in movies) that I would want to hang out with. Do you ever do that? Wish they were real and someone you could call because their character is just that awesome? I get a bit attached to movie and literary characters so I started thinking of which movie friends I would want to lunch and go shopping with.

The genre of chick flicks/women empowerment movies provides us with plenty of good examples, however I have a pretty strict criteria for who I would hang with so many movies got weeded out quick. Example - I adore Pride and Prejudice and I think I could hang out with Jane and Lizzie Bennett, but I might scratch my eyes out if I had to hang with their other sisters. Or the girls in Clueless seem fun from your couch until you realize that the title of the movie is not happenstance. I like real conversation from time to time. I then settled on the Art Freaks in Mean Girls for a while (never The Plastics *shudder*) but I had to back away because it just didn't fit. And I'm not mentally or emotionally able to go back to high school.

I decided on The First Wives Club and Steel Magnolias. Both movies have extremely dynamic characters that are quite individual yet made for good group scenes.

Have you ever seen this movie? I does not get enough credit for the abundance of one liners. It is most definitely quotable, so quotable in fact that Jennifer Lawrence said a line from it last Sunday at the Golden Globes awards! I love these ladies - they are hilarious, scheming, independent, and looking for happiness. It hits kinda close to home, ya know?

I watched this the other day when I couldn't sleep. I would like to recommend not watching this when you're tired but can't sleep because you end up with tears running from your eyes and settling in your ears because HELLO it's just the saddest! But so good!  I love these women because they are sassy, traditional, hilarious, good hearted, and up in everyone's business. What's not to love?

Who would be your fictional group of friends?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the first wives club! Such a fun film. I must hunt it out, haven't seen it in years! xxx

Anonymous said...

ps, this is such a good idea for a post. Literary best friends and literary crushes are the most fun ever. which I reveal how much of a sadoo I truly am. Ha!

rachel garber said...

"Unclean! Unclean!" I love this movie!! Maybe it's a Rachel thing?? :) I saw it for the first time when I was 11 and have loved it ever since.

I can't even narrow down a list for you . . . I've sadly thought about it a lot over the years and depending on my mood or state in life, it's changed :)