Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Would You Do With......

What selfish things would you do if you were in the upper 5% of the wealthy? I wonder specifically about the selfish things because if I know my people, there would be lots of non profit organizations founded, endowments, hospital wings anonymously donated, etc. Y'all are good people. Good for you.

But what completely ridiculous, never gonna do it for yourself nonsense do you dream of?

I'm going to keep this list short because it could get long. Oh so very long.

I would have a hair dresser and a chef. Pretty simple, right? I despise doing my own hair and I dream of a day when it actually has some semblance of volume. I would pay someone handsomely to come to my house every day to rock my locks. Then a chef to make me delicious, yet healthy, vegetarian food all day. I like to eat a lot. I'm not saying that I really, really enjoy eating (even though it's true), I'm saying I like to eat large quantities. Food en masse. A chef could make it healthy and delicious and I would just win at life. That's all I want, just to win at life. No big deal.

So tell me, what's your most frivolous fantasy?


Hannah Neville McMillan said...

CHEF and morning nanny so I sleep in !!!!

rachel garber said...

Chef, somebody to change & wash my sheets everyday, buy an island.

Aaron S said...

Around-the-world trip with stops in every country. And I'd play golf at every stop, of course.

Dave and Lizzie said...

I used to think that I wanted someone to come clean my house but, now that I my kids are getting old enough to do things on their own, that would no longer be on my list. I want my kids to know how to work and if I don't teach them, they will never learn.
I would also hire a personal chef (I hate cooking), I would travel everywhere, I would have people to take care of my yard and I would have a home that is very nice but not very big. If only.

wjmom said...

A chef is definitely on my list, too. I don't mind doing breakfast and lunch, but dinner--ugh! Also the yard would be taken care of. Daily.

I don't want a mansion. In fact, I would buy a lovely (and small) piece of earth in a VERY exclusive location and build a small and functional home on it. And hire a decorator. Yearly.

Oh my goodness! I could really get used to living in the top 5%! :)