Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love Where You Live

This DC of mine is just utterly fabulous. There are little lovelies all over the city that can be easily overlooked if you buy open your eyes.

See Mr. Lincoln here? He's in the Capitol building and there are 2 things missing on him...know what they are?

Marketing on the floor of the metro - I adore. You'd be surprised how many anti government campaigns are found in and around the metro.

Just one of those little lovelies found on the side of a residence.

Is this the (literal) sign I need to commit to vegetarianism?!?

Mmmm...tulips in Eastern Market. My second favorite flower!

I want the upper left one

There is always a new corner to discover, a new neighborhood to explore, a cupcake bakery to try out, and a bike path to ride. Love where you live!

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