Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love Songs. Let's Do This.

We (my collective group of girl friends) have been discussing for months about coming up with some love songs playlists. We want one to be pure tragedy - you know, sobbing in the shower, tear your heart out and mail it to some who cares, sort of music. Another will be happy love songs - we're pretty sure this one will take longer because we tend to favor the gut wrenchers. Huh. I wonder why that is.

We officially started the lists today and I threw one of my faves in the ring - Lovers Rock by Sade. Do you know it? So tell me, what's your favorite love song? The tragic or non tragic variety are much appreciated.


Ashley said...

Sara Barailles (sp) Gravity, that's one of the many!

Great Scott's! said...

For the mushy love songs just need to ask us marrieds.
Icecream- Sara McGloghlin(whom Mostly can't stand cause of those animal commercials) but I love this song!

Yellowcard- intertwined???--not sure that's the title. might be called butterflies??

I have more but am drawing blanks.