Friday, April 19, 2013


The second stop on our cruise was Tunis, Tunisia. I was a bit apprehensive about this port city for several reasons, namely that they had been a part of the Arab Spring and a few weeks before our trip there was more political unrest. Luckily, everything was peachy keen by the time we arrived and we had a lovely day!

As we stepped of the boat there were men trying to get us on camels, to hold falcons, to take flowers - all at a fee, obviously. I was fascinated by the camels! The animal lover in me was a bit annoyed as they really should have been allowed to be on the grass because of how violently they crash to the ground on their giant knobby knees. If you've never seen a camel take a knee I recommend spending a moment or two on YouTube finding a video.

No one was surprised when Scotty ended up on a camel. I'm just surprised he didn't end up all the way down the pier.

I handed my camera off to have Melissa and my first step into Africa coordinated and recorded. Massive fail. We couldn't seem to get our feet and steps matching before we let the crowd anxiety get to us. People were piling up behind us and it impaired our walking skills.

The result is this - us laughing at our idiocy. Such a funny memory!

Outside of the pier we got a driver named Mickey who has four daughters, speaks four languages, and feels like life is much better since the revolution. No more curfew! He drove us around all day to whatever sights we wanted to see. We all have a major crush on Mickey.

First stop was Carthage. Old Roman ruins. And peddlers! Each of those bowls were only a euro!

Selfie queen! 

Next up was a church. I don't remember why we stopped there....

The DC crew - Melissa, me, Jeff, Scott

Up next was an awesome street market

Turtles everywhere!

He can take pictures with the lens cap on

Pictures of pictures! Aren't those blue doors gorgeous? Definitely my favorite thing about Tunisia

"Don't take my picture yet, wait until he's done!"

Worth the wait?

Of course they both had to have matching hats. That's Jeff's sister, Vanessa, on the left. She and her friend, Stephanie, came out from Utah.

And another market

Foreign Coke - still gross, but cool to look at

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Lizi Richards Fesler said...

Rachel! All of your pictures look like you had so much fun! What's the craziest thing that happened?