Friday, April 19, 2013


The third stop was Ibiza, Spain. We had two half days there - loved it! The weather was not as warm as we wanted but Melissa and I were determined to dress for the temperature we expected from this famed isle. Walking around we were plenty warm but it got a lot colder when.......we rented scooters!

We got three scooters for 24 hours for 45 euro total! 7.5 euro each was a great deal (until they lied and told Scott that he damaged his scooter and tried to keep his 200 euro deposit....that reminds me, I need to ask him if he got his money back).

I would want to stay in the yellow tier

We found a city park with weird exercise equipment in it. So of course we exercised!

Look at those calves!

Click to see this one bigger - it's a sculpture of a giant hands with dogs in it....

They promote running across the street

We went to their fort

because boy band pictures are always appropriate

There was a street fair and a truck was making and selling churros on the spot! 

These plus some hot chocolate ended up being HEAVEN

The next day - notice how much more bundled I am? We rode across the island to the other side so we all dressed warm even though it was a beautiful, sunshiney day.

Love Ibiza!

Saw this in a few spots. Sound logic.


Anonymous said...

boy band shots *are* always appropriate.
Looks like such a fun trip! :)

-Danica- said...

On a scale of 1- how much I want to travel Europe with you, we're sitting at like a solid 22. I am loving these posts!

Aaron Smyth said...

Hmm, "topless is more", eh? I'll buy that for a nickel.