Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Explanantion

I don't blog much anymore. Sometimes I wish I posted more frequently and wonder if in later years I will be upset with myself for not documenting this part of my life. More often than not, I'm happy with how I'm spending my time.

The beginning of the year I decided to make sure that I am speaking my love language. If you're not familiar with the concept of love languages click here for a quick lesson. Not everyone is on board with this idea but it's something I've read about and embraced in my own life. Learning about it fulfills that lovely desire for self improvement that I've been focused on for the past year and a half - yay. Still learning, still trying to make strides.

My number one love language is quality time. One day I started thinking about that one in particular and came to a *brilliant* conclusion - if I want my love language shown/spoken to me, I need to be speaking it to those I care about. Love of any kind is a give and take and I needed to improve how much I was giving. Most of 2012 was spent escaping and avoiding, I wanted 2013 to be the beginning of a big 'ole love collection.

So that's it! I've been too busy speaking my love language to blog! It's amazing to see it pay off. I am busy spending my time with good, supportive people with whom I share a mutual concern for. It's amazing! 

I don't know why it took 30 years to come to this conclusion but I'm so happy with my life and the people who chose to be in it. I've learned that speaking my love language has paid off in spades. If you're not happy with the love in your life I'd like to suggest looking at how you are showing love.

Also, feeding people definitely helps.

I will be gone from May 26th-June15th in Europe. There may be some blogging from time to time but don't bet on it!


rachel garber said...

I totally believe in this concept. I have worked on it too but not to the same degree you have.

Where are you going this time??

Aaron Smyth said...

Fully support your choice to live in the moment and give more love to those around you! I'm curtailing my Facebook usage for the same reason, and to get back in touch with my offline self. Have a great trip!