Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rome - Last Day

Our last day in Rome was my favorite! It was beautiful weather and there was just something magical in the air.

We went back to Vatican City to hike to the top of St Peter's Basilica. Little did we know, Pope Francis was speaking to the masses and we got there at the tail end. 

A security guard estimated 80,000 people....

The first stop halfway up the 551 stairs

It was getting snug....

Rome from the top of the dome!

And of course we had to return to Old Bridge for more gelato. Oh, yum!

Hot Roman priests calendar!

Next we went to a plaza with artists everywhere. This guy was painting with spray paint. It was interesting to watch his process.

The little girl with the ice cream cone was fascinated with this statue guy. She crept almost all the way around him.

I want to live here and have brunch on this terrace daily.

Scott and I both drank from the fountains and neither of us are dead - yet.

Trevi Fountain during the day.

Some woman put a bird on Jeff's head and asked him to pay for it...

The monument to the first Italian king

Scott bought an apron with the David on it. Of course he wore it around one of the most touristy areas of Rome. It was pretty awesome.

The first person to ask for a picture with him - you have no idea how much he loved this!

I wanted to kidnap this little girl! Ballet flats, tights, a ruffly dress, black leather jacket, and aviator sunglasses?!?! Am I living in Pinterest?!? She was the coolest.

There are ruins everywhere!

I guess people will do anything for money. Like dress up like Pope John Paul.

Jeff went and danced with this street band, got them a lot of attention, then they asked him to pay.

Traffic light and the Coliseum. New vs old.

I am absolutely in love with Rome and I will be back, sooner than later. I want to fall in love in that city - anyone have any darling relatives or friends they would like me to meet and fall for in Italy?


Melissa said...

Take me back!!! Not tomorrow...NOW! I miss this place :(

Aaron Smyth said...

I'm digging the stripes theme you guys had going on, and the dresses look especially good on you ladies :)

Alex said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like a fun trip.