Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rome - Day Two

Are you ready for lots and lots and lots of pictures? I believe it's 52...for one day. After we got off the cruise we checked into our hostel and then we hit the streets! I am so in love with Rome. Truly, madly, deeply in love with this city. 

And away we go!

Jeff and Scott decided to dress like twins because they just do things like that. It looked like they were on their honeymoon or something.

We stopped in a church and found some really cool stuff!

Stephanie and Melissa taking panorama shots of the church interior

The door of the church, I find it haunting yet beautiful

Stephanie is such a babe

Oh you know, just on a street corner. No biggie.

Beautiful Melissa

Obsessed with these people

Hilarious. The mini cars could fit parallel or backed up to the curb.

Artists plaza in front of the church atop the Spanish Steps

Too cool at the Spanish Steps

Their mom dressed them kind of like Ninja Turtles, green shirts and brightly colored glasses. Yes, I take photos of other peoples' children.

The Steps!

You have no idea how happy he is

We left lunch and found ourselves in a down pour. We weren't too far from the Pantheon so we shouldered on and only got a little soaked in the process.

Somehow he snagged a hat from a gladiator and only gave it back when they asked for money for it. Do you see the raindrops on his glasses?!?

Inside the Pantheon

Fountain in front of the Pantheon

I love this guy

On to the Vatican!

Crossing Angel Bridge. That's the Castel Sant'Angelo - we didn't explore it.

The Angel Bridge was amazing! Rad about it here


Scott signed a petition or pledged money or something. Joke's on them.

Raise your hand if you're excited to be in Vatican City!
I shed a few tears because I got so overwhelmed at being in a place that I have learned about for so many years. Being in Rome made me feel so full.

The Vatican Museum is my favorite place on Earth. Maybe an exaggeration. However it was indescribable and brought me to tears several times. The Sistine Chapel is the final stop in a very, very large museum and it wasn't even my favorite part of the museum.



So many statues.

You would not believe the ceilings and floors in this building. Oh, and don't forget to look at the paintings, tapestries, statues, mummies (<---seriously), mosaics, and so many things I'm forgetting. MY GOSH. It was absolutely overhwhelming.

Out of all of the depictions of the Savior I think I liked these little sculptures the best. He is carrying a sheep and there are 4 or 5 following behind. There were tears. A couple of them....

St Peter's Basilica Square

Jesus and the twelve apostles atop St Peter's

The Swiss Guard looking fine in their uniforms (so difficult to not call them costumes).

My sister, Maria, gave us a recommendation for gelato and it did NOT disappoint! If you ever find yourself in Rome, do yourself a favor and got to Old Bridge in Vatican City. 

And a good time was had by all!

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-Danica- said...

The amount of things that makes you cry makes me really happy. We are totally twins.