Monday, April 29, 2013

Genoa - A Nice Surprise

We did not know that Genoa, Italy was a stop on the cruise until about the third day. What a pleasant surprise! The day was drizzly but we dealt with it as best we could - which was quite easy, actually.

It was so lovely and so different from Rome. We didn't have anything planned so we just wandered. That's my favorite thing to do in a foreign city - just get lost and explore until my feet and back tell me to stop.

This plaza was my favorite! The building on the left was such intriguing architecture. 

All of us. I LOVE US.

Yeah, Jeff!

Supposedly the house where Columbus was born.....

Just doing our due diligence by putting out the vibe in Italy. Like everywhere we go.

Isn't she lovely?

Just the girls. I would travel with all of them all over again.

Gelato, pastries, pizza - didn't matter! Get in my belly! 

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