Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I fell madly in love with Edinburgh! I have traveled to many places but I have never felt so immediately comfortable in a foreign place as I did in Scotland. Someone give me a reason to move, please!

The old town is right in the city center. Overwhelming. Stunning. Gorgeous. Happy.

One of Edinburgh's nicknames is Auld Reekie. Reekie refers to smoke in old Scots and Edinburgh is famous for having chimney upon chimney. 

Four small potatoes (this was a medium serving...) with guacamole, sweet corn, and sour cream. YUM. Potatoes are my perfect food so adding all sorts of extra deliciousness was basically a dream come true.

This crag is called Arthur's Seat and it is situated behind the old part of the city. It is supposed to be an easy and popular hike.

There is a place in this old part called the Grassmarket and we were told the story of Maggie Dickson. Here's what wikipedia has to say about her, "The Grassmarket was also a place of public executions. A popular story in Edinburgh is that of Maggie Dickson, a fishwife fromMusselburgh who was hanged in the Grassmarket in 1724 for murdering her own baby. After the hanging, her body was taken back to Musselburgh in a coffin. However, on the way there she awoke. Under Scots Law she had served her punishment. Only later were the words "until dead" added to the sentence of hanging. It was also to some extent seen as divine intervention, and so she was allowed to go free. [2] In later life (and legend) she was thereafter referred to as Half-Hangit Maggie. There is now a pub named after Maggie situated on the Grassmarket."

Have the Weasley twins been here?!?

Edinburgh is stag party central. Bachelor party after bachelor party wandered (or stumbled drunkenly) past us. Some of them dressed up in outlandish costumes. I highly suggest a Saturday afternoon in Edinburgh for the stag party watching. FABULOUS.

Erin got photo bombed like you wouldn't believe

Many buildings around Edinburgh have a plaque that describes something pertinent to history that happened there. I appreciate the sense of humor behind this.

University of Edinburgh

We stayed with an awesome family in the suburbs, just about 5 minutes from the beach. Beautiful but cold!

This was just down the street from J.K. Rowling's house!!!!!

We spent Sunday evening walking along the beach with Kent and Bonno, and some friends from their ward.  Now, time for a photo shoot.

Everyone, say hello to Kent. "Hi Kent!"

Guys, this is Bonno. "Hi Bonno!"

Just saying that I adore these guys doesn't do my feelings justice. We had SO much fun!

I want to go back. Like, yesterday.

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Rebecca A said...

Love your pics! As I'm looking at them I'm thinking, man, this Bonno guy sure looks like Elder Rantsha from my mission....Hah, guess what? It is! Small world huh?