Tuesday, July 2, 2013


We left Scotland on the morning of my 31st birthday (and Kent's too! Except he's not exactly 31) and took a train to London.

Love the Tube, it feels much more intuitive to me than most subway systems I've ridden on.

The train arrived at King's Cross Station so OBVIOUSLY I had to do this - it was my birthday! And even if it wasn't my birthday there was no way I was going to miss this. Notice I'm wearing a Ravenclaw scarf? That's right - no Gryffindor here. They're great people and all, but I'm Ravenclaw through and through.

The London Eye

What up, Big Ben? He's truly magnificent. 

Probably the greatest tragedy of my life up to this point is that there is no photography inside Westminster Abbey. I have wanted to go there since 7th grade when I started my weird fascination with Queen Elizabeth I. 

It did not disappoint. This was another site that took my breath away and I had several moments of panic/tears. Upon entering I quickly found some volunteers and asked them about 27 questions.

1 - How does one come to be buried here? You have to have performed service to your country. Then someone nominates you and the Dean of Westminster makes the decision.
2 - How many people are buried there? Over 3500. Sometimes they still find bones where they did not expect to.
3 - There are some massive monuments/graves in here, are you concerned that it will start to sink? No, There is no crypt, just a super strong, double fortified foundation so it can take the weight.
4 - When someone is buried there now do you pry up the ancient floor tiles and deposit them in the ground? No. Now if you are buried at Westminster it may only be ashes. They do pry up a single floor tile and replace it with your placard.
5 - May I move to London and volunteer here every other Saturday? Yes. 

Harry Potter Film Studios. It happened. Whatever.

The Great Hall. It looks much greater on screen, but still pretty cool!

Bellatrix Lestrange's weave.

The entrance to Dumbledore's office.

Over 1700 hand made wand boxes!

I cried. That should be expected by now.

Camden. Used to be a huge horse stable, now it a kooky outdoor market.

Our heads are in nostrils. Do you see it?

Greenwich Mean Time line. Where East meets West.

Living dangerously and straddling the line.

St Paul's Cathedral

At Parliament

Part of the changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Pretty cool stuff!

I desperately wanted to got to the Victoria and Albert Museum on the recommendation of my UK pen pal. It did NOT disappoint! It may be my most favorite museum in the world - and I volunteer at the Smithsonian! This is a statue of Lot's wife turning to look at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah after the Lord commanded her not to. It has a lot of personal meaning so coming upon it was just phenomenal.

Isn't this lovely?

I didn't feel the need to rush to see everything during our four days in London because I had a strong feeling that I will be back sooner than later. It was a very nice feeling, indeed. 

London is lovely and like Scotland, felt like home. I could easily see myself living in either country if I had the opportunity. So...who wants to plan a UK tour with me? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

YAY you made it to the V&A!! Isn't it wonderful? I think I love the dresses the best :)

And um yeah you should come back and maybe we can make meeting up work this time. Needs to happen. ;)

rachel garber said...

So jealous of your HP touring :)

Where did you get that stripped bag? It's lovely.

Aaron Smyth said...

Can I go with you next time, please? We'd take great pictures across the pond together.

Alex said...

You're seeing so much over there! Looks like fun!